Take Away from Ramadan to Eid & Beyond
Ramadan: to Eid & Beyond

I’ve had an emptiness in my heart and this Ramadan was hard for reasons the Almighty knows best. It just felt like my focus and devotion was not entirely there. I was even contemplating to not send EID Mubarak messages this year because of the current environment and what’s happening to our Muslim brethren in Palestine. That’s what led me to writing this post, my take away from Ramadan to Eid and beyond. I wanted, rather needed to take something with me from the Month of Ramadan, something that could be with me rest of the year as well. A reminder of sorts to help keep me on track for my pursuit of living life with purpose. So I compiled a list.

Words matter, and I believe true power comes from using our voice to hold people up and bring people together. I’m sure you already are but I’d like to remind everyone to please remember all of humanity in your prayers.

If you are not sure what to ask from Allah, you can use this list as a guide for your own Duas (supplications)!



  • Dua for Peace and Harmony:
    • O Allah, grant peace and tranquility to the hearts of all humanity. Help us to live together in harmony and mutual respect, regardless of our differences.
  • Dua for Unity and Brotherhood: 
    • O Allah, unite the hearts of people from all walks of life. Help us to see beyond our differences and embrace each other with love and compassion. Strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood among us.
  • Dua for Relief from Suffering: 
    • O Allah, alleviate the suffering of those who are oppressed and marginalized around the world. Grant them patience, strength, and relief from their difficulties.
  • Dua for Justice and Equity:  
    • O Allah, guide our leaders and authorities to establish justice and equity for all people. Help us to work towards a world where everyone is treated with fairness and dignity.
  • Dua for the End of Violence and Conflict:
    • O Allah, put an end to violence and conflict in every corner of the world. Bring about peace and stability so that people can live without fear and insecurity.
  • Dua for the Well-being of Humanity:
    • O Allah, bless humanity with health, prosperity, and well-being. Protect us from calamities and disasters and shower Your mercy upon all of Your creation.
  • Dua for the Upliftment of the Oppressed:
    • O Allah, uplift the oppressed and grant them victory over their oppressors. Help us to stand up against injustice and tyranny wherever it may exist.
  • Dua for Guidance and Enlightenment:
    • O Allah, guide us towards the path of righteousness and truth. Illuminate our hearts and minds with Your wisdom so that we may contribute positively to the betterment of society.
  • Dua for the Preservation of the Environment:
    • O Allah, help us to be responsible stewards of Your creation. Protect the environment from harm and pollution and inspire us to live sustainably for the sake of future generations.
  • Dua for Lasting Peace and Prosperity:
    • O Allah, grant us lasting peace and prosperity in this world and the Hereafter. Shower Your blessings upon us and grant us success in all our endeavors.


    • O Allah, I Seek forgiveness for my own sins.
    • O Allah, I Seek forgiveness for the sins of my parents.
    • O Allah, I Seek forgiveness for the sins of my wife / husband.
    • O Allah, I Seek forgiveness for the sins of my children.
    • O Allah, I Seek forgiveness for the sins of my relatives.
    • O Allah, I Seek forgiveness for the sins of my friends & their families.
    • O Allah, I Seek forgiveness for the sins of my teachers.
    • O Allah, I Seek forgiveness for all Muslimah.


    • O Allah, please grant me lots of Rizq (provisions). I am in dire need of what you have to offer.
    • O Allah, please grant Peace in my family.
    • O Allah, always keep my children under your direct protection.
    • O Allah, bless me with sustenance.
    • O Allah, keep me and my family away from difficulties, sickness and disasters.
    • O Allah, keep me away from tests which I do not have the capability to deal with
    • O Allah, always keep the hearts of my children united.
    • O Allah, always make others love my family and myself.
    • O Allah, always protect me & my family from-the envy and jealousy of others.
    • O Allah, provide Cure to all Muslims who are afflicted with sickness.
    • O Allah, protect the dignity of the Muslims all over the world.
    • O Allah, protect and feed all orphan children.


    • O Allah, grant me a good ending.
    • O Allah, save me from the tests and difficulties of death.
    • O Allah, grant me the ability to recite the Shahadah before I die (La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Ur Rasulullah)


    • O Allah, make my grave in future from the gardens of Jannah.
    • O Allah, do not make my grave from the holes of hellfire from Jahannam.
    • O Allah, make my grave spacious and illuminate it with Noor (light/brightness) so that I can rest in peace until you resurrect me.
    • O Allah, grant me peace & sustenance in the grave.
    • O Allah, ease my situation on the Day of Resurrection.
    • O Allah, give me shade under your Arsh (Throne).
    • O Allah, do not embarrass me for my shortcomings in front of Rasulullah (PBUH).
    • O Allah, cover my sins with your mercy as well.
    • O Allah, grant me forgiveness from your mercy.
    • O Allah, grant me permission to enter paradise through Ar Rayyan (gate through which those who fast enter Paradise)
    • O Allah, with your mercy unite my entire family with me in Jannah.
    • O Allah, with your mercy make me able to be with Rasulullah (PBUH) and his family in Jannah.
    • O Allah, with your infinite mercy grant me the ability to see your noble face on the day you show your noble face to the inhabitants on Jannah.


Feel free to share the article as message of peace, love, and positivity, Insha’Allah as Sadaqah Jariyah (on going charity). If any religous experts find an error in the above, please reach out and let me know so we can have it corrected.

We’re here for a limited time, make the most of it. Live life with purpose, clear vision, and a focused direction. #UnitedWeRise

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